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PLEASE MAKE COPIES OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS, AND BRING THEM TO THE INITIAL INTERVIEW (doing so saves time and costs, and can save on attorney fees):

  [  ]  Current Pleadings:  All papers you were served with (e.g., Summons, Complaint, Verified Statement, Ex Parte Orders, Motions, etc.).

[  ]  Prior Case Pleadings:  If a case was previously filed during this marriage by you or your spouse, bring copies of the pleadings.

[  ]  Prior Court Actions:  If either you or your spouse were a party to a prior divorce, paternity, custody, personal protection order, or other domestic relations action, bring copies of the final orders or judgments, and all modifying orders.

[  ]  Personal Information:  Complete the Personal Information Intake Form and bring it with you.

            Personal Information Form Divorce with minor children  [Printer Friendly Page]

Personal Information Form Divorce without minor children [Printer Friendly Page]

[  ]  Health Care:  Bring a copy of your health care card.

 [  ]  Health:  If you or your spouse's health may be an issue, bring a list of those conditions and of medications or other treatment being used.

[  ]  Tax Returns:  One or two years of personal and business tax returns, both state and federal.

[  ]  Last four pay stubs for you and your spouse.

[  ]  Expense List:  Complete this "budget" that details what all of your monthly expenses are, especially if payment of expenses is likely to be an issue early in your case.  Include everything, and indicate who usually pays each expense.  I can provide you with a form to assist you upon request.

[  ]  Deeds and Land Contracts:  For each parcel of real estate you own or are buying.  Include cemetery lots, if any.

[  ]  Property Tax statements:  Most recent, for each parcel of real estate.

[  ]  Leases:  For property you live in, or own and are renting to others.

[  ]  Vehicles:  Copy the titles and lease or loan agreements for all vehicles (e.g., cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, ORVs, campers, etc.). 

[  ]  Recent Debt Statements:  For credit cards, loans, mortgages, equity loans, student loans, vehicles, etc.

 [  ]  Recent Asset Account Statements:  For all bank accounts and investments (e.g., checking, saving, IRAs, TSAs, stocks, stock options, mutual funds, etc.).

[  ]  Retirement Account Statements:  Recent statements concerning accrued retirement benefits (e.g., annuities, employer pensions, 401ks, etc.).  If you have any, bring statements concerning loans taken against these accounts.

 [  ]  Estate Planning documents:  Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Patient Advocate forms, etc.

[  ]  Life Insurance:  Bring copies of the "declaration sheet", which is usually the first (cover) page that lists the policy number, the insured's name, the beneficiaries, the amount of coverage, and the premium.  If you have them, also bring copies of recent statements concerning cash surrender values and loans taken against the policies.

[  ]  Business Interests:  Documents concerning ownership, income and value of any businesses you or your spouse have.

[  ]  Questions:  Bring a list of questions you want to discuss.

[  ]  Payment:  Be prepared to pay for the conference, or for a retainer. For all initial consultations, the first half hour is free.

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